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Director’s Biography

Reuben Aaronson is a highly respected documentary filmmaker whose distinctive work reflects a wide variety of experience that now totals over thirty years. Reuben has traveled the world to shoot and direct award-winning films about the human experience for National Geographic, Discovery, HBO, PBS and for many independent projects. From Academy Awards to Emmys, Aaronson’s work is consistently recognized for its beauty and sensitivity.

His environmental film Amazon Gold documents the destruction of the rain-forest in the pursuit of illegally mined gold and won BEST ENVIRONMENTAL FILM OF THE YEAR at the International Environmental Film Festival in Paris.


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Director’s Statement

After more than three decades of making films in Central and South America, I finally had the chance to fulfill a long-held dream since my days in Chile in the Peace Corps: to visit Cuba and make a film there.

Once I got there, from the very first instant, I was caught completely off guard by what I found: a country at once frozen in time because of the severe U.S. embargo but at the same time, a people with a unique spirit and intelligence and wit that I’d seen nowhere else in my travels.  With “Hello Cuba!” I can share that experience with others.